google tvAnother day, two more upgrades for Google’s ad capabilities. Google TV now has hourly breakdowns to correlate TV spots and search performance;  AdWords now has a template for quickie promotional ads.

The Google TV tracking builds on its analytics platforms that enabled  advertisers to track search keyword activity immediately after an ad spot. Now an hourly breakdown of TV impressions and site visits data shows how specific ad airings are performing. Data on how many people viewed the ad is also available. The tool will index audience characteristics and interests at the specific time that the TV ad aired. For index values, 100 is the average.  For example, an index of 129 for an interest like photography, means that the program that ran the spot draws 29 percent more photographers than average.

AdWords has two new display ad templates available to create online coupons for the Google content network. According to the Google AdWords site, Razorfish has begun to use templates for coupon-based promotions for a “major national retailer” in the U.S. Each template has a prominent slot for featuring a price or a discount, e.g., “20% off,” and has extra room for coupon codes. With retail promotional activity focused on discounting, Google is betting that retailers of all sized will take advantage of the customizable templates.