Thanks to its $3.1bn acquisition of DoubleClick in 2008, Google is one of the biggest players in the display advertising space.

It’s a competitive market on the advertiser side, but companies like DoubleClick must also compete to woo and retain publishers. So Google is making a concerted effort to do just that by sharing some of the data it’s gleaned from the DoubleClick network.

Today, it announced a new report, Display Business Trends: Publisher Edition. In the announcement, DoubleClick Director of Product Management for Display Advertising, Jonathan Bellack, says that the report “will be the first in a series of publications looking at aggregated global data from across our display advertising solutions.” According to Bellack, “We’re doing this to generate metrics that will answer a few of of the most common questions we hear from our partners, and put some data behind long-held industry assumptions.”

Topics the first report addresses include:

  • The death of the 468×60 banner ad unit. It only accounts for 3% of all DoubleClick impressions. Some of the units taking its place: “brand-friendly ‘premium’ units.”
  • Popular verticals. In 2011, some of the fastest-growing verticals for Ad Exchange and AdSense were sports, shopping and automotive.
  • The mobile ad explosion. Mobile ad impressions grew a whopping 250% between the third and fourth quarters of 2011, providing yet more evidence that mobile is really here in a very big way.
  • Holiday sell-through rates. According to DoubleClick, global publisher sell-through rates jumped from 36% to 42% in Q4 of 2011, with European publishers seeing the biggest increase (47%).

The Display Business Trends: Publisher Edition can be downloaded here.