Google AdWords has released a new website optimiser tool for advertisers to test their landing pages, allowing them to choose the best options for their advertising campaigns.

Google announced the new service at the Emetrics Summit in Washington DC yesterday, and it will initially be available for testing to a limited number of advertisers.

The Google Website Optimizer allows its users to run experiments on landing page content, including headlines, promotional copy, and images. The interface allows users to quickly and easily test different versions of each page. A/B split testing is frequently recommended by conversion experts.

Using the Google Analytics technology, this new service will help advertisers find out which one will drive the most conversions – whether they are defined as sales, sign-ups or downloads. 

According to Google’s press release:

“Whether you define a conversion as a purchase or a newsletter sign-up, Website Optimizer allows you to experiment with different headlines, copy, and images on your site in order to find out which combination results in the most conversions.”

Earlier this year Google started to look at landing pages as part of the Adwords ranking criteria, a move which caused uproar in some circles. PPC-reliant affiliates in particular were hit hard, but the idea, from Google’s perspective, is to focus minds on conversions (to prove ROI from paid search).

E-consultancy’s Chris Lake has previously written about how to create landing pages that convert.

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