google for advertisers

Have a lot of under-leveraged intellectual capital lying around the office (or the website)? Take a look at the marketing powerhouse Google just built almost entirely out of existing collateral — and become inspired.

Google for Advertisers just launched, a site containing case studies, tools, and advertising solutions, all brought to you by Google to encourage you to advertise with Google.

The official description: “a place where we’ve brought together
information about the broad range of our marketing solutions — and
where you can explore and discover the combination of tools that best
meet your own objectives.”

In addition to promoting TV and mobile marketing solutions, the site also flogs Google search advertising, the content network, YouTube, and DoubleClick. There’s an agency training microsite, a YouTube channel of training and webinar videos, and links to Google’s various marketing blogs. Users can create a personal toolkit of products, service and information they find useful on the site.

In short, the site trains users to learn about, to understand, and finally, to apply Google’s broad array of products and services to their own individual marketing needs, be they agency behemouths or tiny mom ‘n’ pops. It’s the sort of project all sorts of businesses could undertake if they would only look at their palette of offerings as customers do, rather than as salesmen.

Google evidently put a great deal of thought, but very little in terms of time, money or resources, into this simple site that weaves together all sorts of existing – but disassociated – products and services. The takeaway is that you, too, likely already have a battery of marketing tools at your disposal, if only you’d deploy them as such.