Yesterday, Google rolled out yet another new feature for Google+ that lets you start a conversation directly from search results – and contribute to a topical Google+ stream.

In a post on Google+ (of course), associate product manager Alex Unger said that if you search for a keyword of phrase like basketball from within Google+, you can then create a post directly from the results shown.

He added that all you need to do is look for the share box, and you’ll see an opportunity to “join the discussion” about whatever you’ve searched for.

This means that when you post from the search results page, it automatically includes a link back to the original search stream. This way others can join the active conversation as it unfolds.”


This is yet another move to position Google+ as a central hub – as well as more closely connecting search and social functions.

Up until the announcement of this new feature, you could only comment on an existing post or share an item when searching for something on Google+.

This now removes one step in the search and share process, which makes it easier to start a conversation and keeps people in the Google loop.

But could this also be testing the water ahead of plans to introduce this to Google’s main search functionality?

At the moment you can only +1 a search result from, but if this were to be added to Search, plus Your World, this could drive even more clicks to highly-ranked listings.