Google has given a boost to the blogging community by highlighting its blog search service on Google News.

The move, which took place over the weekend, has seen links to the one year old service added to the front page of Google News and at the end of search results.

The big portals seem to be taking a cautious approach to the integration of blogs into their existing news services, but the links should help direct more traffic onto blog sites.

Marshall Kirkpatrick of TechCrunch said the move could be Google Blog Search’s “coming of age”.

It’s liable to increase the market size for the whole blogosphere, though not as much as it could have if the link had been added to even the second tier list of services on the front page of Google. I think Google Blog Search is a very good service and I’m glad that more people will now be using it.

As he says, we’d like to see the service being given more prominence on Google News, as well as other services such as Google Reader.

It will also be interesting to see how long the dividing line between news and blog content can continue to exist.

Last week uber-popular political blog Daily Kos decided that standards at Google News were slipping, citing ‘credibility’ concerns, and asked to be removed from the (automated) News index. Google duly obliged, saying it was “always happy to remove any source from Google News that does not wish to be included”.