Google is giving tutorials on how best to use the DoubleClick Ad Planner in a move to increase AdWords advertisers use of the content network.

The launch of Google’s latest video tutorial may seem to be a push for increased spending on the content network, but additional help with targeting
the right audience through this tool could prove valuable to both

The video shows how to do your research with Ad Planner and then export the information into an AdWords account.

There is good-priced advertising in the content network and this tool gives the ability to drill deeper into user demographics and then select the sites that can garner profitable CPA. Many people avoid the content network as there are many spammy sites in the platform. This tool allows advertisers to use more information when making their selection of sites. Previously, you could make specific site selections but not with the benefit of the demographics Ad Planner provides.

You now have the ability to develop a media plan inside the ad planner with parameters chosen as you build, choosing to search through inventory by sites and audience. The video explains the steps and gets you ready to export your plan to AdWords. Google has gone a long way with this to help improve their advertising revenue for content.

Combine this with their newly added retargeting tool and the ability to get granular with your advertising choices is now something every marketer needs to be testing. The tool drills down to types of ads available on each site by sizes and placement. This can be very helpful – where they get the information I’m curious about. Possibly it comes from the AdSense channels, or maybe Google is now categorizing AdSense placements. The big thing is it gives you the chance to test different areas of a site for conversion and use specific ads geared towards the nature of the pages.