I came across an interesting post on the ZDNet.com blog written by Garett Rogers about Google registering many variations of a “syndicated search” domain on September 15th.

There’s definitely something interesting developing here and worth keeping an eye on. Rogers speculates that Google might be looking to launch some form of “syndicated search” feature.

Here is a list of some of the domains they registered last Friday:

  • google-syndicated-search.com/net/org
  • google-syndicatedsearch.com/net/org
  • googlesindicatedsearch.com/net/org
  • googlesyndicated-search.com/net/org
  • googlesyndicatedsearch.com/net/org
  • googlesyndicatesearch.com/net/org
  • syndicatedgooglesearch.com/net/org
  • syndicatedsearchgoogle.com/net/org
  • wwwgooglesyndicatedsearch.com/net/org
  • wwwsyndicatedsearchgoogle.com/net/org

It’s well worth checking out his post as he gives some interesting views into where Google might be heading with this.

What are your thoughts on Google’s recent purchase of the above domains, could they well be looking to launch some form of syndicated search feature and how will this impact the ‘Search’ arena?