Don’t look now but Google+ may not be dead on arrival after all.

Quietly, it has attracted some 150m active monthly users and Google’s social network scored higher than Facebook in the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report.

On the brand side of things, Google continues to push forward in trying to build an attractive ecosystem. The latest example of that: a new set of Page Management APIs are coming soon.

Google’s strategy with Google+ is no secret: the search giant wants to make its social network the ‘social glue’ for all of its properties, the largest of which, of course, is its search engine.

To that end, Google is experimenting with a Share link that appears next to results in its SERPs. As reported by Search Engine Land’s Greg Finn, the link, when clicked, prompts users to share the link in question directly on Google+, with the option to add a comment at the same time. “Surprisingly, users can share pages that they haven’t yet clicked through,” he notes.

Following the discovery of this experiment by an astute UK Google user, Google has confirmed that it is indeed experimenting with social sharing in the SERPS. According to Google product manager Sean Liu, the purpose of the feature is to “[make] it easier for you to share a great website with your friends.”

But there’s likely far more to it than that, of course. There has long been speculation that social signals could be the next frontier for search engines and by giving Google+ users the ability to share links from any search results page, Google has the opportunity, in theory, to collect a lot of information that could conceivably be incorporated into its algorithm at some point.

Expect Google to remain mum on this, at least for the time being, but make no doubt about it: Google’s latest experiment brings the search giant one step closer to being able to apply data from its social network to search in a big way.