Google has increased its dominance of the UK’s search market this year, according to new figures that also show almost 1m searches are being conducted per hour by British web users.

The data, released by Nielsen//NetRatings, shows Google was responsible for 68% of UK click-throughs in August, a 2.8% rise over February, while second-placed Yahoo! only managed a 0.1% increase to 9.1%.

Third, fourth and fifth-placed, MSN/Windows Live and AOL all saw their shares fall by around 1%, ending up with shares of 7.8%, 5.8% and 4.1% respectively.

The figures also show 706m searches were undertaken by UK internet users in August, an increase of 30m from February.

That, according to the research group, equates to 22.8m per day; 949,000 per hour; 15,800 per minute and 264 per second.

Some 546m of August’s searches were clicked on – an 18% rise.