Facebook may be struggling to find ways to effectively deliver advertising to its rapidly growing mobile audience, but the search giant some believe the world’s largest social network could one day challenge apparently has no such problems.

On Friday, Google announced new ad formats for Google Maps for Mobile, and according to the Mountain View-based company, “mo’ lo’ means mo’ dough.”

When comparing the old local ads format to the new, there is a world of difference as you can see below. Originally you would see:

By making calls to action like “get directions” and “click to call” more prominent, adding a “hyperlocal maker” that shows how close a user is to a business, and allowing ad clicks to load advertiser websites in the Google Maps for Mobile app itself, Google says its new ads have boosted click-through rates by 100% in initial tests.

In announcing its achievement, Google also published a case study indicating that T-Mobile used Google mobile ads to drive 160,000 click-throughs with a CTR of 13%. For comparison, a recent study by social advertising agency SocialCode found that Facebook’s mobile news feed delivered a far less impressive CTR of 0.79%.

Of course, CTR is rarely the best metric to use when evaluating the success of a campaign. It’s what happens after the click that counts. On this front, Google apparently delivered for T-Mobile too, with the mobile carrier claiming that its mobile ads “generated 20,000 phone calls to stores in one month.”

So is it a safe bet to say that Google will extend its digital advertising dominance to the mobile world? At this point, that seems like a good possibility. And for good reason: Google is the company individuals turn to when they’re looking for something — whether on the desktop or mobile.

While mobile presents some unique challenges for all companies, connecting demand to supply is likely a far easier task than connecting supply to demand.