Last week I received an email from Google that was sent to AdSense publishers.

It addressed concerns they may have about the economic situation.

Here’s the full text of the email:

Dear Publisher,

We understand that the recent economic turmoil has created a lot of uncertainty in the lives of AdSense publishers. During these difficult times, we’re continuing to invest in innovations that improve publisher monetization and advertiser value in the content network.

We’re focusing on further developing our product offerings and boosting ad performance for publishers. We recently announced advancements in AdSense for search and experiments to make ads more effective. We’re bringing DoubleClick technologies to AdSense publishers, and we’ll continue to launch new products and features. We’re also continuing to improve our offerings for AdWords advertisers, making it easier for them to target the Google content network. Features for advertisers, such as the new display ad builder, are designed to improve ad performance on AdSense publisher sites.

We’ll keep driving technological progress, but our best asset will always be our publisher partners. The strength of AdSense lies in the value of the content you bring to users and the quality of the sites you bring to advertisers. Our success is tied to yours. We look forward to partnering with you for the long term, and remain dedicated to helping you succeed.


Kim Scott
Director AdSense Online Sales & Operations

I was a little bit surprised by this email and wasn’t sure if it was comforting or concerning.

Google generates a lot of its revenue from ads displayed through AdSense publishers, and I couldn’t help but wonder:

  • Are more AdSense publishers, many of whom run small, hobbyist websites, updating content less frequently due to the fact that they’re not making enough to make it worthwhile and are having to deal with financial issues of their own? If AdSense publishers shut down or stop producing content, it will eventually impact Google.
  • Is Google finding it difficult to deliver for AdSense publishers? I personally have noticed a drop in my eCPM recently although it has always been somewhat cyclical in this regard. I’ve read comments from publishers who are experiencing the same thing and comments from publishers who say AdSense is doing just fine.

The language of Google’s email is quite vague and doesn’t reveal a whole lot about the purpose of it being sent.

There has been a lot of discussion of this email on blogs and forums and the reactions seemed mixed. Some people seem to think Google is preparing publishers for declines in their payouts due to a tougher advertising market while others think Google is doing fine and is just trying to sympathize with AdSense publishers who might be feeling the pain from the economy.

I’d love to hear the thoughts of E-consultancy readers who are AdSense publishers.