After announcing the launch of Google Advisor in the US in May, is Google already planning to replicate the service in the UK?

About a month ago, Google announced in the US that it had officially entered the financial products comparison market with the launch of the imaginatively titled Google Advisor.

As noted in a post by this has traditionally been the preserve of Southern Californian startups but lead generation and specifically financial services lead generation has taken a pretty significant trip north up the Pacific Coast.

While the announcement only seemed to include the US, it seems that something similar has also arrived on this side of the Atlantic.

A quick search for “mortgage” or similar upper funnel mortgage keywords on Google UK reveals an interesting appearance on the results page.

Taking pride of place at the top of the paid results is a Google comparison ad for mortgage comparison, inviting the consumer to “Compare mortgage deals”. The ad placement is listed as a ‘Comparison Ad’.

Clicking through takes you to a branded lead generation style page with various lender details and consumers can enter their specific mortgage requirements to see what deals are on offer.

They then have the option to either call a Google number which will connect them to the specific lender of their choosing or request a call back which effectively creates a lead.

The service looks almost identical to Google Advisor in the US which is multi-product taking in savings accounts, current accounts and the hugely lucrative credit cards market.

We shouldn’t really be surprised by this move, after all Google did pay almost £40m for in March this year so they are obviously looking very seriously at the UK personal finance market.

Only time will tell how successful this service will be and what other products will be arriving in the UK. It will also be interesting to see how many of the direct marketers that spend millions of pounds each year generating financial services leads through Google react to this latest development.

Whatever happens, it is going to be an interesting year for online financial services lead generation.