Sometimes it doesn’t seem like two great tastes will taste great together, but combining Michael Cera with the cast of “The Jersey Shore” turned out to be a winning strategy for MTV this week. The music network brought the emo film star to its studios this week to get some guido tips from the pros. The resulting images and video were leaked online to create maximum blowout for both Cera’s movie and MTV’s new hit show.

The producers of “Youth in Revolt” are heavily promoting their movie on MTV and the network apparently like the movie (and ad dollars) so much that they told Cera he could do “anything he wanted” to promote it on the air and online.

Apparently, Cera really wanted to get a blowout and hang out in a hot tub with the cast of “Jersey Shore.” In addition to all of the “Youth in Revolt” ads that are running during the show and their coverage of the film online, MTV now has great footage of their new stars hanging out with the quiet actor and covering him in tanner and hairspray.

MTV rolled out the images and video throughout the week online, and aired interstitials during commercial breaks of the cast hanging out with Cera and giving him lessons in guido life. The network hasn’t gotten back to me, so I can’t say whether they threw in the Jersey Shore/Michael Cera mashups as part of Youth in Revolt’s ad buy with the network or if they charged for the extra coverage, but either way it was a good idea.

Youth in Revolt is yet another addition to Cera’s hoodie loving oeuvre of indie roles that started with his part on “Arrested Development” and continued onto the big screen with “Juno,” “Superbad,” “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” and last year’sPaper Heart.”

But letting him hang around with Snookie, Pauly D and The Situation reminded audiences that he is funny and entertaining. Moreover, these sorts of adverts are going to become much more common place as content producers try to bring attention to their products in increasingly disperse environs. Consumers are bombarded with so many images and advetisements today that they have become experts at tuning out the noise.

By snagging people’s attention online, the film producers and MTV roped in audiences to watch their content. And unexpected images like Michael Cera with huge hair are just the kinds of things to get people to do something that seems like a lost activity today — watch commercials.

Image: MTV