H1 2023: Customer Centricity and Personalisation

Personalisation is key in providing outstanding customer experiences, making customers’ lives easier and increasing customer lifetime value.
Getting personalisation right, however, requires organisations to have
a deep understanding of customer needs and to place those at the
centre of all that they do.

With 88% of respondents to Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing survey
sharing that customer-centric skills are vital to delivering against CX expectations, putting the customer at the heart of an organisation is now
seen as a strategic priority.

This 60-minute session will draw on insights from Econsultancy research
and will cover:

  • Moving to a more customer-centric approach as a competitive advantage.
  • The importance of empathy in supporting market-leading CX and responding to challenging times.
  • The tools and approaches available to support the adoption of more customer-focused processes, strategies and tactics.
  • Personalisation across the customer journey, and how these highly relevent experiences can drive loyalty, engagement and conversions.