Understanding the Changing Digital Advertising Landscape

The potential to reach and engage more customers online has grown, with more marketers shifting their budgets to digital advertising. Forecasts are for digital advertising to account for 65% of all global advertising spend in 2022, with growth predicted to continue at a rate of around 11% in 2023.

As digital media is increasingly where audiences can be found spending their time, marketers need to reach their audiences effectively. This 60-minute session will focus on how businesses can go about this and will draw on insights from Econsultancy research.

It will cover:

  • Key digital advertising trends and growing areas such as video, mobile, search and social advertising.
  • Key considerations when creating a digital advertising plan.
  • Exploring the effectiveness of performance advertising and the benefits in driving better outputs and retargeting.
  • Key considerations around measuring success.
  • The future of digital advertising and retail media.