Include to Succeed: Building Customer Experiences for Everyone

Creating inclusive experiences benefits everyone – from your business and employees to your entire customer base and society as a whole.​

With billions of dollars being lost every month due to a lack of accessible and inclusive digital experiences, inclusion should be a strategic priority for any organisation. ​

This practical 60-minute session will cover:​

  • The business case for inclusivity and why ignoring this topic makes bad business sense.​
  • UX and CX approaches for building accessible, inclusive and flexible products, experiences and content, and how to bake inclusivity in from the very beginning. ​
  • The wider benefits of taking a people-first approach to inclusive design.


Neurodiversity and Digital Inclusion Best Practice Guide

With evidence that neurodiversity has been of evolutionary benefit to humans, this report examines the potential that neurodiversity brings to not only workplaces but the human race as a whole. It summarises a way of seeing this potential and unlocking it to fuel an especially healthy kind of growth and is aimed at marketers and other business leaders seeking to understand how to stimulate growth.

Quick Guide to Brand Purpose

This quick guide provides advice for businesses seeking to define or rework their brand purpose. It looks at why brand purpose has become a vital component of modern marketing, and why integrating and communicating it effectively can help win customer loyalty and increase employee satisfaction and retention.