A new survey highlighting mobile users’ limited knowledge about their handsets will not have provided any cheer to operators or third party content providers seeking to raise interest in data services.

The study, conducted by market-research company Ipsos MORI in conjunction with LogicaCMG, found that 58% of users are oblivious to basic details of the make and model of their phones.

As reported by Telecommunications magazine, the survey highlights one difficulty in persuading consumers to buy subscriptions to MMS and other data services.

“This research demonstrates that many operators could well be trying to sell advanced data services based on the incorrect assumption that the users they are communicating with have basic knowledge of their own handsets,” said Paul Gleeson, chief operating officer at LogicaCMG.

“Mobile data services are much more complex to deliver to consumers than voice services – just sending through the right service book to enable MMS depends on knowing to which handset it is going.”

According to the survey, users most familiar with advanced data services were men between the ages of 15 and 34.

This same group was the most likely to know about their handsets, while women and the over 55s were the most ignorant of mobile data and device details.

The research, done last autumn, was based on a sample of 761 mobile users in the UK aged 15 and older.