As Econsultancy sets its out of office reply to ‘can’t talk, stuffing mince pies in my face’ all that’s left to do is publish one final missive before we disappear into a fog of sherry, then forget to use that Heston Blumenthal turkey brining kit we bought while a bit tipsy in Waitrose last night.

Before that happens though, all of us here at Econsultancy would like to say a huge thank you to all of our readers, subscribers, delegates and clients.

It’s been an incredible year and it would have been significantly less incredible without you.

We’ll be signing off now until after Christmas, when we’ll return with our usual high-quality mixture of expert research, stunning insight and terribly useful best practice guidance served with a healthy side of irreverence.

However there’s still masses here to keep you entertained and informed if you happen to be online over the next few days…

There’s our huge and may we say rather handsome 2014 Year in Review StoryStream.

Plus we have a whole smorgasbord of comprehensive year-end round-ups…


Join us as we put on our soothsayer’s cape (it’s got crystal balls all over it) and gaze into the near-future with these forward thinking posts.

Looking back at 2014

Find inspiration from the very immediate past, or simply learn from the mistakes of others lest be doomed to repeat them.

Social in 2014

Still can’t decide if ‘Let’s Get Social’ was a good thing or a bad thing? Us neither.

General back-slapping

Well, ’tis the season.

General stupidity

All apologies…

However you’re celebrating the holidays, we hope you have a brilliant one.

Finally, in honour of David Moth who for the past six months has been including a Taylor Swift Gif in every internal email he sends and who also can’t go 45 minutes without listening to ‘Shake it Off’, just for him here’s the Swift Gif he’s been bugging me to include in the last five posts I’ve written…