Airbnb has realised the best way to create content is to get your audience to do it for you. What better medium than Vine? Quick, easy to use, and easy to share. In fact, Vine has always been about low-fi, quick and satisfying content, and it makes a attractive format to run a competiton with. 

To this end, with vouchers and a place at the Sundance film festival, Airbnb has incentivised users to send in their vines. With the entries themselves, Airbnb is splicing together a short film which should have an international flavour. 

The Airbnb Vine account is notable for ‘revining’ content from its entrants. Some of them are very good indeed. Below is a knockout stop-motion effort.

At the moment Airbnb is mainly posting stills on its Twitter account, but has a whole lovely responsive microsite with a few featured entries. To enjoy more of the work, you’ll have to check our the Vine app.


Warner Bras: Animation

Colour and a playful style define Warner Bras attempts, part of its #getcomfortable campaign.

Burberry: Ambition

Burberry stands out, as you’d imagine, through its creative use of the medium. Here’s a great example. 

Urban Outfitters: Lifestyle

We’ve previously looked at Urban Outfitters in this round-up post from David. 

The retailer does a range of posts from how to tie dye a t-shirt, to skaters at Venice Beach. The vines are complicated, but they have a well-defined subject and the timing is perfect.

Here’s an example of a band, Dum Dum Girls, from one of Urban Outfitters gigs.


LA Dodgers: Access

Here’s a great example of something you might not normally see on media coverage, but that Dodgers are throwing out there with Vine through Twitter.


Manchester United: On tour

I’ve previously discussed how MUFC were very late to several social networks, including Twitter. Since the club has started using Vine, it’s done well with it. A highlight being the shots from the recent tour of the far east.

The key during the season, and the difficulty for some brands, is to keep the vines fresh. Players emerging from the tunnel and shots of the crowd or a programme get boring after a while.

Shots of the players and some inventive use, a la the Dodgers, is needed.


Rolling Stone: Use your best asset

In this case, the cover. Combine it with a bit of teasing and you have a powerful couple of vines. 

Rolling Stone could do with being a bit more active with these, as it tailed off after some use in the spring, but the magazine was off to a good start anyway. 

Yves Das: Animation

Yves Das is apparently a ‘professional viner’, or so the internet says. I’m not sure what that means, but his vines are great and show that great animation can be achieved on a budget, with a bit of time thrown in.

Bo Burnham: Humour

Ok, you might not be able to employ the talents of a writer like Bo Burnham, but his use of props, friends, and other media such as film clips are great tips for mise-en-scène.

Get stuck in with vine, to add some creative depth to your tweets.

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