Why it matters

The roles in and around marketing are changing, and the field has become much more diverse. Remuneration packages and career paths of the past can’t therefore be applied to 2016’s workforce. 

But in order to support that argument we first need to fully understand the current state of the industry. 

By taking this survey you’ll help create a benchmark against which you and your fellow marketers can make a strong case for fair pay, benefits and opportunities.    


How to take the survey

Just click this link to the survey and follow the instructions.

It should take no longer than five minutes. Without procrastination I reckon you could do it in four. 

At the end you’ll see details on how to enter the prize draw for a chance to win £250 in Amazon vouchers

The results

Towards the end of January 2016 we’ll publish the results of the survey.

We’ll also provide a salary calculator along with the findings so you’ll be able to find out how your earnings compare with others in the industry.

The prize draw will take place on 15 January and the winner will be notified within 14 days. 

Thank you in advance, and good luck!

Check out the results of last year’s survey in this Marketing Week article.