General Electric may be a large consumer brand, but the company also manufactures large groups of products that the average citizen will never purchase (like aircraft engines). That doesn’t mean the company wants to keep people in the dark about its different business ventures. It’s just a bit harder to communicate why people should care about something like air traffic control.

To help create that dialogue, the company has hired Barbarian Group. And today the agency launched The GE Show, a new series of videos and rich content meant to elucidate the ways that GE products improve people’s daily lives.

According to Noah Brier, director of strategy at Barbarian Group:

“As we dug into the different business units we started to realize that
one of the things that tied them all together was that they were working
on big problems that touched lots of people but were often so large or
abstract that they were hard for regular folks like us (we’re nerds, but
not industrial engineers) to really comprehend.”
To fix that the company first went on the road exploring GE products with GE Adventure last year. And now they are working to put together a series of videos that help explain complicated technical topics in short snippets made exclusively for the web.

It’s an interesting move for GE, a company that has great brand recognition but relatively little understanding of its entire suite of products. Just because consumers don’t purchase many GE products, there’s no reason they shouldn’t understand what they do.
The first episode of the GE Show involves hospital efficiency. It may not be the sexiest of topics, but people who view the content will get a better idea of what doctors and hospital administrators are up against.

In addition, Barbarian has attached news and information to the videos, as well as interactive elements. Viewers can take polls to get more information or play a video game to illustrate the complexities that contribute to the over four hour wait that many patients experience in emergency rooms across the country.

It’s an interesting entry point for the average web surfer who doesn’t know much about the hospital system. The game is cute, fun and frustrating. If you start playing, you’ll soon learn that your reflexes aren’t  fast enough to accommodate all of the patients who enter the waiting room and get them treated within the required time. As the game helpfully points out afterward, “imagine if this were your real job.”