Imagine readers could invest only two minutes, and take in all of a 1,200-word blog? They wouldn’t be skimming, they’d see and comprehend every word. They’d know if you were padding, too.

Think about it. Let it soak in. A lot of people might actually read that business blog. They might download an Ebook and want to read every word, not just look at the illustrations and file it away. 

That’s a little scary to lots of people. Now your writing has to flow. You won’t be able to just goof around with words. You need to have something worthwhile to say. 

All that is just hypothetical, you may be saying to yourself. There’s no chance that the average reader is going to see a fourfold increase in reading speed.

Introducing… Spritz

It’s not typically good advice to tell the reader to go look at another page in the midst of a post, but go ahead and look, and then come back. Once you realize that just about anyone will be able to read at 1,000 words per minute, everything changes. Everything.

This is not science fiction. If you clicked over there you saw that thing and probably got to 1,000 words per minute with ease. 

That tool works right now. 

Spritz is not a ‘content summarizer.’ We’ve seen those come and go. It is a tool to get ALL of the words into your head with better comprehension at least four times faster, using technology and an understanding of the way the brain and the eyes interact with the units we know as ‘words.’ And it can all be done with a widget.

You may remember a time when there were zero blogs with a ‘likes’ widget on the page, and then suddenly every blog had some sort of widget.

Now imagine that every blog post has a widget that invites readers to read the text with Spritz technology, perhaps perhaps on a mobile device or on Google Glass. You don’t see that at all right now. A year from now will that be the case? Two years?

There’s an expression derived from the American West, ‘Time to Cowboy Up.’ It means that it’s time to get serious about the task at hand using all of the best people you have at your disposal. Business operators use a variation when a contractual conflict becomes intractable, ‘Time to Lawyer Up.’

Well, there’s a new version I’m introducing today. ‘It’s time to Writer Up.’ 

If you had a content strategy before that consisted of trying to get a post or two a month up on a business blog, it’s time to ‘Writer Up’. 

If you were doing OK before by purchasing a raft of copy, probably produced in some offshore sweatshop, it’s definitely time for you to Writer Up. Crappy, thin copy with no flow and no real added value will soon be as obvious on your site as a GIF that doesn’t load.

Agencies staffed with marketing and graphics experts who are trying to force non-writers into their discomfort zone by making them write… It’s time to Writer Up.

If you are big enough, you need to create a position of Editor in Chief or Chief Content Officer, and it needs to be someone who knows the difference between the subjunctive and the subject.

You need someone who can spot an active verb from across a dimly lit tavern. Luckily there’s lots of talent out there, mostly underemployed. You’ll have to learn to speak their language, to work with them on their own terms. If you do, the payoff will be huge.

If you are still small enough that outsourcing makes sense, you better know your service provider, and make sure that they are doing all they can to keep the quality of writing high while also making sure that they have the capacity to handle your writing needs as they grow and grow.

Of course… You could wait until Spritz is everywhere, realize that all your competitors are already creating content of a quality and quantity that you can now read with stunning speed and THEN think that you need to do something about it, but… Well, we’ve all seen that movie. It doesn’t end well.

The speed of change in business just keeps accelerating, and now technology is going to pour some more gas on that fire. 

It’s time to Writer Up.