Where are companies at with their mobile strategies? 

While 34% of company respondents have a defined mobile strategy that goes out at least 12 months, agency respondents are more sceptical. 

Q: Does your organisation (or do your clients) have a mobile strategy? (company respondents)?

If we look at the regional comparison we can see some noteworthy regional differences.

There is roughly the same likelihood that companies in Europe and Asia have a mobile strategy, 34% and 36% respectively.

US organisations are slightly less likely (32%) while for Australasian companies this increases to 41%.

Meanwhile the Middle East (13%) has the fewest organisations with a mobile strategy, though on the plus side, half of companies there are planning one. 

Q: Does your organisation have a mobile strategy?

How do they optimise for mobile? 

Not surprisingly, responsive design is one of the most popular ways to optimise for mobile users.

Adaptive design, on the other hand, is less popular. This may be because AWD is more complex and resource heavy, though it does offer benefits that RWD doesn’t. 

Still, it does offer some advantages other other solutions, and we can see the use of adaptive design growing year on year. 

Q: Which of the following have you employed as part of your attempts to optimise for mobile (company respondents)?

Compared to a year ago, when we published the Finding the Path to Mobile Maturity Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, it is clear that progress has been made.

Based on this global survey of 2,973 digital professionals, we have evidently passed a tipping point, with the majority of companies actually doing something about the mobile experience, rather than simply thinking it might be a good idea.

The reason for this step change is that mobile can no longer be ignored – we are all now facing a deluge of data which points not just to an increase in smartphone and tablet usage, but also to an increasing amount of revenue attributable directly to mobile devices.

In addition, Google’s recent ‘mobile friendly’ algorithm changes provide a compelling reason for brands to optimise for mobile as soon as they can.