Integrating display advertising with other online channels has a positive impact on conversions, though less than half of marketers are currently doing this, according to Econsultancy’s Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2012

The report, carried out in association with Responsys, looks at the use of online and offline marketing channels, integration of display advertising and use of mobile for marketing.

The report is based on a survey of more than 650 companies and agencies, carried out in April and May 2012.

Here are a few highlights from the section on integrating display advertising…

Integration of display with other channels

Marketers are most likely to be integrating on-site content management (44%) and search engine marketing (37%) with display advertising.

28% are currently integrating display with social media marketing, though a further 44% are planning integration between these channels.

Are you integrating display advertising with any of the following marketing disciplines?

According to our respondents, integration pays dividends.

  • Of those integrating on-site content management, 66% report that this has had a positive impact on conversions.
  • 70% of the companies integrating search engine marketing report an uplift in conversions.
  • 55% say mobile has resulted in an uplift.

What is the effect on conversions when integrating the following marketing disciplines with display advertising?

59% of companies integrating display advertising and social media says it has had a positive impact on conversions, though just 28% overall are using this tactic.

How are companies targeting display ads?

Onsite browsing behaviour is used by 48% of companies to target customers, while referring URLs are employed by 36% of responding organisations. Search query data is used by 35% of companies surveyed.

What types of data or information are you using as part of your display advertising campaigns to target customers more effectively?

Of course, the better the targeting, the more effective display ads are, though the EU Cookie Law still poses a potential threat to marketers as they seek to improve the accuracy of targeting by using customers’ on-site behaviour to target ads.

Fortunately for online brands, the ICO has taken a light approach to enforcement thus far, though the use of information for ad targeting isn’t always popular amongst web users.

Future trends in display advertising

Integration with social media is seen as a significant trend by 96% of respondents, while smart TVs are seen as less important, which suggests the impact of this technology is yet to be felt.

How significant are the following trends for the future of display advertising?