For all other marketers out there wondering what the heck they can do with these new social apps and their video streams that disappear almost immediately into the ether, read on.

If you need a more detailed introduction on their functionality, the differences between each app and their relative popularity read Periscope and Meerkat: what do marketers need to know?

Brands on Periscope and Meerkat

Brands have indeed jumped at the chance to use either app and are producing some interesting content. The ideas ranging from demonstrations, to events, to product launches, interviews, behind the scenes access, exclusive performances and how-to-guides.

Of course what you need to be aware of is that on Meerkat live-streams aren’t recorded anywhere and are genuinely a once-in-a-lifetime event, and on Periscope live-streams can only be accessed for 24 hours after the fact.

As a marketer you’ll want to use this limited exclusivity to your advantage, much like the following brands…

Please note, there is no evidence of these videos in existence anymore, it’s all anecdotal evidence taken from a variety of sources. Please bear with me…

Red Bull

Naturally Red Bull gravitated towards the new video format as another place to showcase its stunts and musical concerns. Red Bull tested out Periscope at Miami Music Week during its launch.

Subsequent efforts have seen them just playing tricks on their Twitter followers. We can assume this is just footage of the inside of a fridge. Those wiseguys!


The fashion brand’s PR Girl account announced to the world it was experimenting with Periscope in the most aloof, off-hand way possible.

Then it proceeded to reveal a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the DKNY closet…

Screen grab courtesy of Digiday.


Learn golf tips with two professional golfers via the credit card company. How do they swing with one hand holding a mobile phone? I’m afraid you’ve missed your chance to find out.

HBO Boxing 

Go behind the scenes of the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight legally, before not at all being tempted to watch an illegal live-feed of the actual bout later on. 

British Museum

The venerable institution let global viewers wander around its latest exhibiton from the comfort of their own mobile screens and without the risk of knocking over an ancient vase because they’re not paying attention.

The Rolling Stones

For the reissue of their album Sticky Fingers, hip new British band The Rolling Stones streamed live and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from a secret LA gig in May, and have subsequently streamed footage from the rest of the tour.

New York Times

NYT live-streamed the Pulitzer Prize nominations.

We’ll just assume they mispronounced Joyce Carol Oates as Econsultancy.

In conclusion…

By now you’ll have realised that Periscope and Meerkat examples are largely unsatisfying to write about because you can’t show any physical examples of them beyond a Tweet with a broken link or a third-party screengrab of a highly pixelated blouse.

If this transient ephemerality appeals to you and you think you have an audience who will appreciate the exclusivity and minor shelf-life of your content than its definitely an interesting tool to start experimenting with.

One final question though… If people get used to watching video on their mobile phones, where will they now look when they get bored?