Creative optimization through market data

Market and user data offers brilliant raw material which can be fused together to inform and empower creativity. Market data can be used for live odds, stock pricing or product availability, which in turn can be used to dynamically update messaging, numbers, pictures and even animations.

The outcome is that relevance of the campaign improves as the message reflects the “now”. Being in sync with the present has always been a good way to communicate not least because it captures the attention of the consumer when it is front of mind.

In this respect, it offers an easy win for both performance and brand advertiser to fuel their creative output with live market data. The implementation of dynamic ads through market data happens in the creative execution and is not vendor specific.

The answer is visualization

While there are countless numbers of people surfing the web at any one time, no user goes on the internet with the active intention to provide data; they surf to spend time on content and with digital friends.

To maximize engagement it’s therefore crucial that creative comes before data capture. Where marketers focus energy on generating great creative that people want to spend time with, data will be a natural output which can be used to improve campaigns.

Through A/B testing, marketers are able to get a lot of valuable answers for CTR, Engagement rates, video playtime just to mention a few examples.

One way to improve CTR is to find the perfect position for call to action. The only way to find that answer is by visualizing data in heat maps of users who did not click but still engaged.

If call to action is right aligned but people engage in left or top of the banner should be used to take action and improve creative material. Engagement rate based on in screen data is another interesting metric in order to find the answer “Do people care”

The key to succeed with display now and in the future is ensuring a creative idea combined with automation and real time technology is reflected from top to button of the funnel in any campaign.