A new study provides more evidence of the growth of mobile, with the use of search on mobiles growing by 247% over the last 12 months. In the same period, desktop search fell by 15%. 

The Tamar Mobile White Paper shows a rapid increase in mobile search use, especially among the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups with 14% of both searching on mobile every day. Last year the figures for the same groups were 5% and 8%. 

The stats from the study show an overall increase in search usage, but the growth of mobile search shows how rapidly mobile internet adoption is growing: 

Mobile search 1

While mobile search is still relatively small, at 3% of total search traffic, the data shows how rapidly it is growing. 

So what can marketers do to make the most of mobile search? 

  • Take note of Google changes. For example, the introduction of Google Instant on a mobile could have a significant impact. It could be very useful for mobile users since fewer keystrokes would be required, and marketers would need to target ‘early words’ in search terms
  • Since many mobile searches are likely to revolve around local specific phrases, marketers need to incorporate this into keyword research and SEO strategies. 
  • Make sure you have mobile optimised landing pages. The hard work on attracting mobile search traffic will be wasted if you send users to a desktop site which provides mobile users with a poor experience. These pages should also be optimised for a range of mobile devices. 
  • Add a phone number to PPC ads, and prominent numbers on landing pages. This way mobile users can easily make contact for bookings etc. A freephone number would also help. 
  • Add prominent store locators / directions to local businesses. Multichannel retailers can drive customers into local stores by making it easy to find the nearest outlet. 
  • Separate mobile and desktop search campaigns. The data learned from desktop search campaigns will not necessarily transfer to mobile search, so campaigns need to be tailored to mobile users.
  • Target local searchers with mobile AdWords. Restaurants and other local businesses can pick a location and target a radius around it to take advantage of local searches. 
  • Retailers need to follow mobile commerce best practice, including simplified navigation, nice big call to action buttons and, crucially, a checkout that has been optimised for mobile users. 

Tamar’s Mobile White Paper can be downloaded from the company’s website.