As an increasing number of staples of the UK’s high streets and shopping centres close branches, lay off employees and outright disappear, many have pondered how brick-and-mortar retailers can revive their fortunes in the age of ecommerce.

From focusing on the retail experience to mastering mobile, conquering multichannel and expanding into innovative technologies like AR and VR, a variety of solutions have been proposed. Some retailers are implementing these to great success, while others continue to struggle.

One company believes that it has found a way to drive increased footfall to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and help bring them back to life. Doddle is a parcel collection and return service that partners with retail brands like Debenhams and Morrisons to place pick-up locations in-store. By combining the two, customers can pick up and return their online shopping at the same time as doing their grocery shop – or get inspired to buy some additional items when they come to collect a purchase.

“It’s a popular and useful service for their existing customers, and it drives new customers into store,” says Mike Richmond, the CCO of Doddle.

I spoke to him about the growing trend of click-and-collect and how it can benefit brick-and-mortar retailers; the role that Doddle aims to play in bringing traditional retailers back to life; and why retailers should be putting the delivery experience at the centre of their strategy.

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