A well managed Google’s AdWords campaign does a great job in delivering relevant traffic to your site. 

However, if you leave AdWords alone to judge what is ‘relevant’ for your products or services you may uncover some surprising results. 

We have compiled a list of frightening and sometimes comical examples from real campaigns.

You spend a long time thinking about which keywords you want to target on PPC engines such as AdWords. You target some exact matches but you also mop up other relevant searches with targeted phrase and broad matches. 

You load them up and then sit back, safe in the knowledge that Google will display your ad when these are searched. Google would never show your ad when the search term is irrelevant, right? 

Wrong!  Take a look at the examples we have found when cleaning out campaigns. The ‘PPC Keyword’ on the left is the broad or phrase match in the PPC campaign. The ‘Search Term’ on the right is the actual search phrase that triggered that keyword to show an ad. 

These are all real examples from real PPC campaigns:

Keyword in AdWords Search term deemed ‘relevant’ by Google
carbon news new car
dance leggings cameltoe in dance leggings
teach pet dogs teachers sex pets
back up back pack
back up car reverse camera
training video best porn agency training for biginners
technology asset recovery hot tub recovery technology
balers boilers
private girls college college girls live chat
birthday parties

sexual parties

It is actually very easy now in AdWords to see the search terms that are driving traffic through your PPC keywords.  You can easily spot the bad search terms and clean them using negative match keywords and tighter keyword matching such as exact matching and phrase matching. 

If you want to know how to spot the howlers in your PPC campaigns, see this article on cleaning PPC campaigns.