More than a third of US consumers (40%) prefer social logins to creating a new/guest account on e-commerce sites, according to a new study from Monetate.

Of course this indicates that a majority of consumers prefer creating new accounts, but merchants still cannot afford to ignore social logins altogether.

When looking at the breakdown of which social networks consumers prefer to login with, Facebook came top with 60%. 

Yahoo came second with 12%, followed by Twitter (11%), Google (10%) and Linkedin (7%)

Monetate also looked at how social sharing can affect time on site – consumers who comment using a social login spend on average 15mins 35secs on site compared to 5mins for consumers who cannot comment or share using their social identities.

It’s a bit of a stretch to claim that by enabling social logins and comments you will triple the average time spent on site, but this does suggest that there’s at least a relationship between socially engaged consumers and time on site.