’re not generally ones to blow our own trumpets here at Econsultancy, but last week our main Twitter account (@Econsultancy, feel free to follow us!) sailed past the 100,000 followers mark.

That’s quite a milestone in anyone’s books, so I decided to take a closer look at our followers, who they are and what they do (and of course, what they’re worth… ).

It turns out, there are a LOT of facts and figures flying around that are fascinating to look at, and what better way to compile them than in that most tweet-worthy way: An infographic.

We’d also like to say thanks to everyone there for helping us get to this point, we’ve learned a huge amount about every aspect of our business thanks to your feedback and had a great time along the way. 

Anyway, enough gushing, check out the stats! 

econsultancy has 100000 twitter followers

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How Econsultancy Got 100000 Twitter Followers - Infographic – Become a smarter digital marketer