Employees often create and share content about their company, whether it’s by promoting a new campaign, expressing excitement about some company news or just talking about their days at work.

For this reason, many companies find themselves facing a specific challenge: they are not able to acknowledge and measure their employees’ brand advocacy even though it’s already happening.

There is a vast network of channels, so how would you possibly go about influencing them efficiently? Also, what are the actual benefits advocacy could bring to your brand?

If used to its potential, social media can help spread your messages further, contacting people you would never normally reach.

A great way of doing this is through an employee advocacy platform. Granting access to a repository of approved, relevant content to their colleagues, a communications department to influence their external messages and monitor the consequent digital image of the brand.

Here are some ways that an employee advocacy platform can help steer communications in the right direction:

The informed advocate

Informing employees on all the latest company updates helps to keep them in the loop about the most exciting company news.

Using an employee advocacy platform, you can easily share and promote the messages that you want your stakeholders, clients and prospects to hear.

Also by keeping employees informed, they are more likely to want to talk about their company and reach out to the wider community.

Your employees’ social networks expand into all sorts of various routes from a prospect to a family member, thus expanding your company message into their personal networks.

Competitive edge

Many companies are yet to venture into the field of employee advocacy. When it comes to external communications, engaging your employees in the company message can demonstrate that edge over your competitors.

Research shows that socially engaged companies are 40% more likely to be perceived as more competitive. This means that employees are talking about their brand and displaying passion for their work.

This kind of activity is a reflection of the true nature of the company, something that your prospects will hopefully be interested in connecting with.

Preventing and correcting miscommunication

Although social media can be a wonderful method of promoting company content, it can be dangerous and prone to misuse.

Employees will use social media to talk about their personal and professional lives regardless of whether it is supported by a company or not, but often company encouragement is exactly what they need. 38% are more likely to share relevant company content with co-workers and customers when the company shares content in social media.

Using an employee advocacy platform will enable administrators to approve the content that their colleagues suggest, allowing them to be a vital source of information while making sure the out-going message stays always accurate and on-brand.

Providing this kind of filter, the company significantly lowers the risk of miscommunicating messages.