While Japan alone is representing Asia, the Pacific region has provided five teams including previous champions Australia and New Zealand.

Held from September 20th to November 2nd, 2019, total match attendance has exceeded a million people so far and, ever on the lookout to associate themselves with a popular sporting event, many global brands are participating with rugby-themed promotions, adverts and even a tongue-in-cheek rebranding. Below is an overview of a few of the best campaigns.


While rugby is not generally regarded as an Asian sport, Japan has had a national rugby team for decades and has participated in every Rugby World Cup since the tournament began in 1987.

Canon, one of Japan’s largest companies, has taken advantage of the tournament being on its home turf this year by participating both as a sponsor and a provider of specialist video footage to the International Games Broadcast Services (IGBS).

Showcasing the company’s cutting-edge ‘Free Viewpoint Video System‘, Canon’s tech features points of view which are impossible to capture with conventional cameras – and delivers an experience similar to being on the field with the players.

See for yourself in this amazing footage of New Zealand’s All Blacks try in the team’s match vs South Africa.


Dubai-based Emirates has been a Rugby World Cup sponsor for over a decade and this time, the airline is promoting itself through a humorous ad campaign.

The company’s 15-second spots show passengers on an Emirates flight commit various in-flight ‘offences’ such as falling asleep on another passenger’s shoulder which is then called out by an actual rugby referee.

The ad also showcases Emirates latest addition to its flights, live sporting events on passenger video screens.

Air New Zealand

While not an official sponsor of the event, the flag carrier airline of rugby-mad New Zealand, Air New Zealand, has taken the opportunity to show just how passionate the company is about the sport.

To show its support for the national team, the All Blacks, Air New Zealand has released a series of videos for the Rugby World cup which imagine the airline rebranded as Air All Blacks.

In reference to the company’s famously amusing safety videos, one extended clip shows Air All Blacks ‘management’ planning its own safety video, with cameo appearances from All Blacks players and other celebrities.


Amazon, too, is looking to promote its brand alongside New Zealand’s All Blacks during the Rugby World Cup.

In an effort to associate its popular voice assistant with the Rugby World Cup, Amazon has recently launched a new All Blacks Skill for Alexa.

Fans of the team can now ask Alexa for information about the All Blacks history, find out game details, get the latest news and even participate in a weekly quiz.


Finally, for those who are not-so-familiar with the rules of rugby and don’t really know what’s going on, Heineken has produced an empathetic ad campaign

Entitled ‘The Delay’, the ad highlights the awkward feeling of not knowing when to cheer and suggests, with humour, ways in which those new to the game can still enjoy the Rugby World Cup.

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