Online and offline, retail has never seen such tough times before.  Veteran entrepreneurs are saying retailing itself has fundamentally changed, and forever. Yet some exceptional small-to-mid sized retailers are surviving. Some are thriving. 

I decided to find out how this could be in such a down market by interviewing one of the brightest stars in U.S. retail. Surprisingly, what separates the winners from losers isn’t what you’d expect.

Keven Wilder has seen tough retail times before and has the war wounds to prove it. This successful retail entrepreneur is sharing her most valuable insights to small and mid-sized retailers: How to survive and, in fact, thrive in a global economic downturn.

Listen in on how to sell and market in a slow economy that’s literally killing off many independent retailers and restaurants. Key to success is a “back to business basics” approach mixed with good old fashioned creativity, not social media wizardry.