Is ecommerce an important channel for luxury brands in general? Do customers prefer the in-store experience when shopping for expensive items?

For Mulberry, our ecommerce channel is a key part of our business and alongside our physical stores, is an important way for customers to experience our products and our brand. 

We understand that our customers want to shop in a variety of ways and that we need to offer a high quality, consistent service level and engaging customer experience across all our channels. 

What steps have you taken to recreate the luxury in-store experience in your ecommerce store?

At Mulberry we have an unrelenting focus on quality and delivering the best possible service and customer experience in everything we do, be it a store design or designing a product, so this was really what we focused on delivering throughout all aspects of the site. 

Whether it’s the responsive design, the checkout UX, or the high quality imagery, we have tried to look at every interaction and customer touch point, and ensure that this meets our quality standards and will deliver an excellent, thoughtful customer experience.  

There’s clearly a big focus on content. Is that primarily an SEO tactic?

No. Editorial content, be it imagery, video or text is a key way for customers to experience and engage with Mulberry, beyond our product range. 

It offers our customers a view into the Mulberry world, the people we collaborate with, and individuals we are inspired by. 

How much of your traffic currently comes through mobile devices?

A considerable amount of traffic to our site comes from mobile and tablet visitors, this is continuing to grow, and is a trend we expect to see continue.

What part of the site presented the biggest challenge when going responsive? For example, the checkout is often something that trips retailers up.

There wasn’t necessarily one area of the site that presented a much bigger challenge than another, it was more about ensuring we deliver a fantastic, consistent experience throughout all areas of the site.

For us the focus was developing a streamlined checkout, that would feel effortless for the customer and would be scalable and efficient, regardless of which country or device the customer is shopping from. 

Because of the large number of variables involved in creating a checkout, this can be difficult to manage and get right across each of those areas.

Which aspect of the site are you most proud of?

I’m delighted that we can we can now offer our customers a fantastic and consistent ecommerce and brand experience, across any device they engage with us on.