This video is about mobile merchandising, and it includes a number of statistics and best practices to help answer the question: “What if we’re approaching mobile customer experience in the wrong way?”

It addresses issues including:

  • What’s the danger in streamlined mobile commerce?
  • What share of ecommerce is happening on smartphones?
  • How do personalized recommendations affect mobile commerce?
  • Why aren’t tablets part of the conversation?
  • What is the problem in leaning on apps to increase engagement?

Plus five key takeaways to help maximize mobile revenues.

In the video we also discuss how personalization can make the difference in mobile merchandising. One key difference for the leaders in this capability is their use of first-party data.

For more information on what it is and how to use first-party data you can read the blog post here, and thanks to our partnership with Signal, for a limited time you can download the full report, with registration. Of course, Econsultancy subscribers can access the full report instantly.

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