We’ve talked often about the overlap between social and search.

MDG Advertising suggests that the two channels hold exponentially more power when marketers use them in tandem – and the infographic the agency produced proved to be incredibly popular. 

We’re yet to find a search professional that believes their discipline can exist in a bubble, but are people practising what they preach?

Browser Media has conducted some analysis of the 101 top SEO agencies in the UK.

The third-most offered service is social media (after SEO and paid search of course) with 84% of agencies offering to tweet, update statuses and post videos to help website rankings.

Of the 101 agencies examined, 93 have their own Twitter account, with the majority tweeting less than 10 times a month.

Unsurprisingly, 58% have less than 100 likes on Facebook. After all, search agencies are hardly the most exciting type of business to engage with on what’s still essentially an environment people use to chat to friends.

LinkedIn is the most popular network, with 92 of the agencies saying that have a professional profile, and Google+ falling behind with just 62 getting involved.