This post from Kevin Gibbons of SEOptimise is part of the #JUMPchallenge, a blogging competition designed to raise awareness on how to join up online and offline marketing, launched to support Econsultancy’s JUMP event in October. 

Kevin, a regular (and also the most prolific) guest blogger on Econsultancy talks about how companies can join up their marketing efforts, looking at how those responsible for PR, search, email, social media and organisational structure can work together. 

How to join up PR and everything

By involving your PR team in discussions in areas such as link-building strategies, email marketing, you can harness their knowledge of trends, current issues, and consumer concerns. 

The PR team should also be encouraged to get involved with social media policy, and blog regularly. This will create ‘a virtuous circle of joined-up marketing excellence’.

How to join up SEO and everything

SEO should be considered at every stage of your online marketing. The SEO team knows the terms that they want the website to rank for, so this should be communicated to the PR team so that press releases and blog content uses these keywords and phrases. 

According to Kevin, ‘although all elements of marketing are important, PR and SEO should underpin everything a company does.’

How to join up social media and everything

The more opportunities you have to engage socially with the customer, the better, so advertising your company’s social media presence through other channels is a good idea. 

So, links to Twitter or Facebook profiles can be included in emails, on the website, and other communications to customers. 

How to join up your team

Your marketing won’t be truly joined-up until all of the teams involved in the whole marketing mix are working together effectively.

It is essential these teams get to know each other, communicate effectively, brainstorm ideas, and share skills. 

According to Kevin:

Start by bringing the teams together and sitting them around the same desks if possible. Explain your marketing ambitions and encourage them to see themselves as part of one large team rather than their own smaller functions.

We’ve just published a brief summary here, you can see the full post on the SEOptimise blog… 

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