Today we are going to look at the exact method used by hundreds of schools around the world to engage their future students and collect contact information so the school can follow-up and bring in new enroleees. 

The process to building the perfect higher education lead generation quiz is three steps.

Let’s take a peek into the magic that turns personality quizzes into lead magnets. 

Part 1: Make majors/careers quiz

There are only two kinds of personality quizzes that work for new student procurement, the majors quiz and the career quiz.

In fact, they are basically the same quiz, where you are tying personality types to occupations. There are four parts to the quiz which we will now break down into bite-sized chunks. 

Quiz Subject

The subject of the quiz is either “Which Career is Right for Me?” or “Which Major is Right for Me?” you don’t have to worry about being creative, these work every time.

The reason the same title can work for lots of schools is because each one has a unique set of majors, so there’s really no overlap. 

Quiz Questions

Quizzes are primarily meant to entertain.

Amusement is the top reason that content gets share on social media, and questions are where you can really build up the fun to prepare the quiz taker for sharing.

Your questions should be written in a personal tone because quizzes are a one-to-one medium, you are only ever addressing one person at a time.

Also it’s important to remember that you want your quiz to be accurate, so you’ve got to tie in your questions to the majors that are your quiz results.

In order to effectively set up your logic, be sure to write a minimum of six questions, but don’t have more than 12 questions.

The Quiz Lead Capture

In quizzes, the lead capture form comes up between the last question and the quiz results as a ‘gate’.

This can be very effective and lead to 50% or higher conversion rates, but it can also backfire if you ask for the information in the wrong way. 

The right way to ask has two parts. Part one is to tell people why they should opt-in “Receive more info on your career path.”

This is where you convey the value that you can provide to the prospective student if they decide to opt-in.

Part two is to tell people exactly how and when you will contact them, “We’ll call you within a week.” This puts to rest the thought of spam. 

Quiz Results

These are your majors turned into personality descriptions. When you write up the results you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

First, be very positive. Tell people they are great no matter which major they are recommended. Don’t lie though, simply play up the positive parts of the recommended major.

Second, include a link to read more about the major on your site.

Even if someone chooses to skip the opt-in on your quiz, they might be interested in learning more about the major they received and click through to continue reading.

Third, promote sharing. The best quizzes blow up through social, even when they are being used for lead generation. 

Part 2: Promote the quiz on your site and social media

Once you have your quiz set up and feeding into your various majors, it’s time to get it promoted on your site and social media.

Again there is a very set way of doing this right, so let’s walk through it. 

On your site

The first thing to do is embed the quiz on your own website.

If you are using a third-party tool to build it, or if you build it yourself, make sure to set up a page like where the quiz is located.

This way, when people share their quiz results they will be sharing a webpage from your domain and you’ll be able to keep all the traffic that comes through. 


Share the webpage where your quiz is embedded on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook accounts for the majority of quiz traffic, so make sure to optimize the Facebook post for the best conversions.

If you are promoting the post on Facebook and Twitter, be sure to use hyper-targeting to only reach the type of students that you know will be interested in your school. 

Part 3: Set up a drip campaign to get students in the door

After you collect a new lead you’ll need to start sending out drip campaigns to warm up the lead to the point where it’s worth it for one of your reps to reach out and get in touch.

I’ve put together an example flow to help with that. 

Optimal Sequence

The most important part of the sequence below is the first email which says “thanks for taking our quiz.”

The reason this is so important is because quizzes are so social, and not everyone will even remember taking your quiz.

Sending out the thank you email first provides continuity so people will instantly remember your quiz and tie it back to your brand.

After that first email it’s important to send out emails periodically and drop in an exclusive offer to visit your school or enrol every once in a while. 

So that’s how you create a quiz to generate leads from social media using a personality quiz.

The formula is simple to follow and the quiz will reach your prospects where they hang out on Facebook without being overly salesy or annoying.