Before we discuss the launch of the website I want to focus on how to spread the viral articles most efficiently.


Promoting all of them on launch day isn’t going to work very well – best results come from spreading the promotion over a few weeks.

You should have the articles live on the site but just don’t spend time promoting them all at once.

The key to making an article go viral is to make sure it gets as much traffic as possible and then hope that some of the visitors will either return to the site in future or maybe link to it from their sites or favourite social networks.

I like to start by selecting an article and sending a personal email to everybody on my prospect list for that article, once this has been done ask your friends to help you promote the article on the social news networks that you want to target.

Building trusted links is hugely important at the start of any sites lifetime – you need to make sure that the first thousand links you gain are totally natural to give your site the best chance of success in the future.

Don’t worry about anchor text – just concentrate on natural links as well as some from directories such as Yahoo and

It is a good idea to employ a PR company to distribute your launch story and a targeted press release to the mainstream media on launch day.

By PR company I mean somebody with real contacts at the newspapers, not just a company that can email your press release to 500 people.

I try to create a detailed industry study when I launch a site so that the newspapers have something to cover.

For example, if you launched an insurance site you could release the finding that “27% of university students are uninsured” right before term started.

Finally, it is important to leverage blogs and other news sites to get as many links and as much traffic as possible.

Take bloggers out to dinner and send them gifts or vouchers if needs be, just make sure you are well known and respected by the community to maximise your impact.

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