Dharmesh Shah at Small Business Hub has pulled together some handy tips on how to search Google like a pro.

Rather than simply typing in a couple of keywords and refining them to find what you’re looking for, he points to a number of ways to search Google more accurately.

Here are some examples:

  • Use explicit search phrases

    For example, if you are searching for content on internet marketing, then enclosing the phrase in quotes will make the search more accurate.

    E.g. “internet marketing”.

  • Exclude words from the search term

    This is useful if you want to search for terms while avoiding results that contain a related word.

    E.g. internet marketing-advertising.

  • Search a specific site

    If a site you want to search doesn’t have that feature, then you can use Google.

    E.g. “SEO” site:www.e-consultancy.com

  • Word definitions
    To quickly search for a definition of a word, use the “define” command.

    E.g. define:affiliate.

  • Find similar words
    If you want to include synonyms in your search results, use “~” before the word.

    E.g. “internet marketing” ~ advertising.

  • Specific file types

    If you are looking for a particular document type, use the “filetype” command.
    E.g. “internet marketing” filetype:ppt.

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