How would you like to receive a free personalised copy of the Adobe 2014 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey Report?

The report, which Econsultancy has helped to produce, reveals which optimization tactics savvy marketers will use in the next 12 months and gives tailored recommendations on how to build your own winning strategy.

In order to receive your free copy all you have to do is complete the survey by clicking on this link.

Once you have completed the Digital Marketing Optimization Survey you’ll get a personalized report that shows how you score against the major industry benchmarks and what you can do to get ahead.

The study has proven to be a valuable annual resource for thousands of marketers worldwide and this year it includes a personalized benchmark report that is generated automatically when you complete the survey. 

Take the survey now and get immediate, customized results that show you:

  • How your responses compare to others, including those in your geography and industry.
  • Where marketers will be focusing their 2014 investments.
  • What optimization strategies they’ll use to boost conversion.

In addition to filters and views on the data for your industry and geography, this tool will provide specific recommendations and best practices for you and your industry, based on your survey submission. 

The introduction of a benchmarking tool this year is aimed at helping companies to identify the greatest areas of opportunity for improving digital performance, enabling you to prioritize where to invest your efforts to trigger improvements.  

As well as topics such as budgets, site search and testing, mobile optimization is also covered in the report. Mobile traffic numbers now exceed 25% of the total for many consumer brands and are rising steadily, so every organization should have a process for creating and implementing a mobile strategy that goes beyond testing apps and mobile-friendly sites.

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