We’ve previously looked back at 10 predictions from FODM that came true, which included Google’s Mobilegeddon, the importance of having a single customer view, the increasing reliance on data, and the value of failure.

And you can also read 50 predictions crowdsourced from Twitter back in 2009, presented in a rather cute old school fashion from a time when we weren’t able to embed tweets on the blog.

Ahead of this year’s FODM we’ve again asked our Twitter followers to predict how digital marketing will evolve over the next 10 years. 

Read on to find out what they came up with, and don’t forget to buy your ticket to join 300 other senior digital professionals at the year’s most inspirational marketing event.

And please forgive the fact that parent tweets are displaying in the embeds below. Our CMS is playing up, something we hope won’t occur in the future…