A TV ad campaign for movie streaming service blinkbox helped increase brand traffic to its homepage by 400%.

Signups from mobile devices have doubled from 37% overall to 70%.

The ad, which ran during ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’ last Thursday, also led to a 200% increase in total traffic and a 280% boost in new registrations. It is part of a wider campaign supported by radio, outdoor, digital out of home and print placements.

Blinkbox said the spike in mobile traffic shows the impact of second screen devices on TV advertising success, but it also demonstrates the huge impact that primetime TV shows can have on encouraging digital downloads and signups. 

TV app Zeebox achieved similar success in March, racking up 22,000 downloads during an episode of Dancing On Ice after host Philip Schofield tweeted a link to the app four times during the broadcast.

The blinkbox ad, which can be viewed below, offers consumers the ‘latest releases without subscription’ and directs users to blinkbox.com.

But despite the anticipated spike in mobile traffic the site isn’t actually optimised for mobile. It looks okay on the iPad’s larger screen, but on smartphone it requires a lot of zooming and scrolling.

This obviously makes the signup form is a bit of a chore, which is likely to have put off some users, although the company did try to improve the UX by reducing the number of forms in the registration process from six to three.

When using an iPad, a pop up encourages you to get the tablet player app but there isn’t a link to a download page. This would presumably be quite simple to do, so seems like a missed opportunity for driving additional app downloads.

On the positive side, the landing page does a great job of highlighting blinkbox’s main selling points in a simple and concise manner, and visitors are offered an incentive of £5 free credit to sign up.

Also, there are three large, bright yellow calls-to-action that it’s impossible to miss. Two of them say ‘Sign up now’ while the third reads ‘Sign up for FREE.’ 


This is a good way of encouraging additional sign ups, as if users aren’t enticed by the £5 free credit then they might be swayed by the fact that membership is free.

In conclusion…

The traffic spike achieved by blinkbox is certainly impressive, but I feel it could have done a lot more to encourage mobile signups by optimising its landing pages and making it easier for iPad users to download the tablet app.

It should also be noted that the published figures are percentages, so we don’t know how low the number of signups was prior to the ad campaign.

This also has an effect on the percentage increase in mobile visits, as the 400% increase will be partly attributable to the fact that mobile traffic will be far lower than from desktop so any increases will be more substantial in percentage terms.

But even so, the spike in mobile traffic demonstrates the need for sites to optimise landing pages for different devices to ensure the best user-experience and maximise conversions.