IE7 is coming...According to Microsoft’s IE Blog, the new version of the Internet Explorer browser will be ready this month, and some web developers are concerned about the new version’s compatibility with some websites.

IE7 will be available for download this month, with the new browser being delivered to Microsoft customers via automatic updates soon after.

The new version of IE7 contains many new features, including tabbed browsing, built-in RSS feeds, and security tools which should alert users to phishing websites.

However, many new security features, including one to prevent the browser from installing software or changing computer settings without the user’s consent, will not be available to XP users.

Some web developers are concerned that IE7 may cause problems on some websites, with UK web application testing experts at SciVisum expressing concern.

SciVisum CEO Deri Jones believes that IE7 may cause major problems:

“As it looks like Microsoft have decided to push the upgrade to IE7 out through windows update within weeks of IE7’s release, this means that zillions of users are going to be upgraded without them really being aware, and the volume of calls to corporate help desks and home-user ISPs is likely to be a nightmare. Plus the pressure will really be on web developers to sort things out ‘right now’.
“Microsoft’s failure to implement a mode in IE7 that makes it display a page as if it was IE6 could be short sighted.”

According to, Microsoft Internet Explorer is used by 85.85% of the world’s computers, with Mozilla Firefox taking 11.49% of global usage share, though other organisations believe that IE’s global share is declining

It will be interesting to see how this upgrade will affect Microsoft’s market share in its ongoing competition with Firefox.