Those distracted-looking shoppers who are calling and texting in bricks and mortar establishments aren’t just killing time or catching up on messages. 6% of them are more likely to buy, according to a ForeSee Results study.

In “Mobile Apps: The Next Big Thing,” the study found shoppers using a mobile device in-store are 6 percent more likely to buy.

Here’s what customers are doing on those devices.

72% have called someone about a product they’re considering

40% have sent a picture of the product they’re considering
have gone online to compare prices

have looked up product reviews
ForeSee is touting this as good news for retailers. It is, but with the fairly obvious caveat of putting price pressure on retailers in an already tough economy. Consumers who find they can acquire the object of their desire cheaper down the street or online are likely not to be shy about attempting to negotiate down prices.

Bet a study about that is forthcoming later this year, as mobile use becomes even more ubiquitous.