Indoor Media is today launching what it says is the first online network to target the estimated 1.5m British Asians that are regular internet users.  

The launch of AdMasala, a network of Asian content sites, coincides with Indian Independence Day. It has been launched by Murly Tiwari, formerly of 24/7 Real Media and Jai Rai, who previously worked for

Indoor Media says it already has some major publishers on board, including The Times of India and India Jobs, India’s largest jobs portal, and that advertisers such as Barclays Bank have already signed up.

We caught up with Indoor Media’s MD Murly Tiwari to find out more:


What made you decide to launch an Asian network?

Good question, I had been working in online for a number of years in various roles, including selling ad serving technology and representing publishers. My in-depth understanding of technology meant that I could see the value of geo-targeting and spent a lot of time educating publishers that they needed to geo-target campaigns to get better response.

Looking at UK based Asian sites, we quickly realised that individually most were too small to have a sales team and as such, would find it hard if not impossible to get in front of online ad agencies. It was a question of size and having a good quality audience.

This made us think about how to make it attractive. Having worked at 24/7 Real Media, I understood networks and so it made perfect sense that we needed to group both UK based Asian Content/interest sites and the UK IP addresses inventory of large Indian publishers and then we would be big enough for agencies and advertisers to be interested.  


How many sites do you have in your network so far? What kind of reach do you have?

Twenty sites so far, in our first 4 weeks, with more to come. Currently reach is around 500,000 unique users.


Can you explain how the network works?

We are an exclusive representation network, so we represent the UK inventory for our publishers exclusively. We are not a blind network and all sites are named. An advertiser (depending on their requirements) can buy a specific site, a group of sites, a specific channel or interest category or the whole AdMasala network.

We looked at our audience and believe that they are a highly desirable audience. Asians are generally hard working professionals, engineers, doctors etc. They generally own their own homes and believe in education and family etc. So to the right advertiser they are a great target.


What are the benefits for advertisers and publishers in the network?   

The issues that many agencies/advertisers found previously were that there were hundreds of sites, all using non IAB compliant ad formats, none were audited and they were not using a recognised ad server etc.

The number of diverse sites meant it was unpractical to contact them all and get them onto media schedules so generally they did not bother. By being a professional sales house using the latest technology, fully audited and accountable we make it easier for them to put us on schedules and they are interested.

Publishers benefit from our online sales experience and expertise and allow them to get onto media schedules that otherwise they would not be able to. International publishers benefit by having a local dedicated sales team.


What kind of advertisers do you expect to use the network?

All of them. Asians are consumers of everyday products, they buy cars, they travel, they use the phone, they eat, they buy white goods, have loans etc. What we are trying to do is educate the advertiser that by changing their message to reflect the different social and economic drivers of this audience, they can achieve better results.


What is your relationship with publishers? Do you own any sites or are you just selling ads for them?

We just sell ads for them. It is very much a partnership where we are their sales team. We are seen as an integral part of their online team.