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Digital Shift Report: Q4 2019

Digital Shift discusses the latest trends and key shifts in the digital marketing and ecommerce space. This quarter’s update dives into AI and machine learning, smart home, quantum computing, new social, brain-computer interface technology, and the lessons we can learn from Amazon.

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Fashion ecommerce 2020: Which trends are disrupting the industry?

Fashion ecommerce is continuously changing, with consumer expectations pushing brands to innovate in order to stand out amid stiff competition. So, how are fashion ecommerce brands rising to the challenge?

This briefing covers new and current trends within the industry, information on the brands that are demonstrating best practice, and a look at how it’s paying off.


"Globally, 54% of financial institutions cite data storage, privacy and protection as a regulatory barrier to innovation in fintech"

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Microlearning: Digital Trends

This new bitesize module, one of over 70 in the Microlearning library, highlights four key trends in digital that require special attention, in under three minutes.

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