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Econsultancy Live: The Connected Consumer

London, 16 November 2022

How can brands stay relevant with increasingly connected consumers?

In a series of keynote talks and roundtable discussions, we’ll look at key themes such as customer insight, omnichannel commerce, and optimising customer journeys. And as ever we’ll ask how brands are building lasting customer relationships by bringing together tech, data, content and design.

Join us in person for a day of inspiration and debate.

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Monthly and Quarterly Trends Reports

The Digital Transformation Monthly

This series distils the most important transformation stories across industries into a compendium of what business leaders need to know.

The Ecommerce Quarterly

This series of presentations by Econsultancy curates the latest trends, developments, and statistics in ecommerce.

Digital Shift

This quarterly digital trends webinar from Econsultancy, is intended as a guide to support strategic thinking.

The Social Quarterly

This series of presentations by Econsultancy curate the latest trends, developments and statistics in social media.

Latest briefings

Ad targeting illustration featuring a large magnet pulling hearts, likes and money towards it. One person is sitting in the bend of the magnet with a laptop, another is standing next to it with a bow and arrow. Another is nearby with a clipboard. Images of a clock, a target with an arrow in it, and a video play icon surround the magnet.

The contextual advertising boom: What is it, and how can brands take advantage?

In an increasingly privacy-conscious web, contextual ad targeting is having a moment. Discussion website and self-proclaimed ‘front page of the internet’, Reddit, recently announced the acquisition of Spiketrap, an audience contextualisation company. As well as further building out Reddit’s advertising offering, the move to acquire Spiketrap highlights Reddit’s intention to capitalise on advertising that matches […]

A pale-skinned avatar with brown hair and glasses, wearing colourful pink, blue, purple and green clothing, hovers in front of a giant BMW iX which is floating at a slant. The two are suspended amidst a psychedelic landscape of strange shapes and jungle-like plants.

A metaverse reality check: What role for brands?

Many companies are eager to explore investments in the metaverse, but what is the best way to go about this? We conclude our three-part series, ‘A metaverse reality check’, by looking closely at the practical considerations behind metaverse investment, and consider what some major brands have been doing in this space.

Digital PR: An introduction to writer/blogger outreach

The disciplines of content marketing and SEO are intertwined. Generally speaking, content marketing concerns the creation and publication of content to engage an audience, while SEO concerns the research of topics being searched for by people using Google (or other search engines). Both content marketers and SEOs will also have a focus on creating link-worthy […]

The Future of Marketing

Bringing together survey results from more than 700 marketing professionals, Econsultancy’s annual Future of Marketing report looks at the trends shaping the industry and marketers’ priorities over the next two years against a backdrop of post-pandemic recovery and unprecedented economic challenges.

Latest articles

What is a marketing mindset and what are its benefits?

In order to be successful, modern marketers need the right knowledge, skills and mindset. Knowledge and skills are fairly easy to define but mindset, rather less so. Though it may be more difficult to pin down, Econsultancy research has shown that marketers see mindset as paramount. 74% of the 841 senior marketers we surveyed in […]

Traditional consumer insights techniques are ‘utterly outdated’: founder of insights platform Zappi on digitisation

Steve Phillips is the founder and CEO of consumer insights platform Zappi. I recently caught up with with Steve to find out about his day-to-day work. He explains Zappi’s B-corp status, its company culture, and the increased digitisation of the market research industry. Tell us about your role – what does a typical day look […]

Econsultancy's Internet Statistics Database - Travel and Leisure, holidays, gaming

Loyalty, flexibility and ‘bleisure’: How travel brands are adapting post-pandemic

Cross-border travel reached pre-pandemic levels this March for the first time since the start of the pandemic. With people holidaying again, how are travel companies in the industry responding to changing consumer behaviour? Here’s a look at how brands are approaching the issues of sustainability, flexibility, and loyalty. IHG and Expedia refresh loyalty programs to […]

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The Rise of Retail Media Networks

This special edition of Digital Transformation Monthly looks at the rise of retail media networks and the conditions that have led to their growing appeal, featuring key stories from individual retailers.


The Marketplace Opportunity

This edition of Digital Transformation Monthly reports on the rise of marketplaces across B2C and B2B sectors, looking at key stories that illustrate the wide variety of functions that marketplaces can serve, and the potential benefits and challenges for businesses.

Analyst Sessions

Our expert-led analyst sessions bring to life the latest research, trends and best practice in an interactive format, while helping to put your organisation’s challenges into context. From intimate ‘lunch and learns’ through to global live streams and internal marketing conferences. Included in all Enterprise subscriptions.

Analyst Sessions – H2 2022

Ecommerce Trends and Best Practice

Following the rapid acceleration of ecommerce across the Covid-19 pandemic, we are entering a new stage in the evolution, adoption and role of digital commerce.

Understanding the Creator Economy

As customer acquisition costs continue to rise, brands are looking for new acquisition channels, with many now turning to influencer and creator-focused content and marketing.

Customer-Centricity and Personalisation

Personalisation is key in providing an outstanding customer experience, making customers’ lives easier and increasing customer lifetime value.

Digital Transformation

This session draws from Econsultancy’s latest research and insights, including its new report on Digital Transformation in B2B and the Future of Marketing survey.

2022 Digital Trends

This session looks at the most significant strategic, digital and behavioural forces that will drive marketing strategy in 2022 and beyond.

Adopting a Data-driven Approach

The session will look at what companies can do to focus on being more data-driven in their decision-making and marketing.

2022 Digital Trends reports, in partnership with Adobe

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