In 2020, Instagram is a major force in social media. With more than one billion active users every month, it is increasingly the place to be for many businesses who want to promote themselves – and since the introduction of Instagram Checkout in early 2019, a place for businesses to sell their products directly.

Numerous direct-to-consumer businesses got their start on Instagram, and plenty of individuals have created a strong personal brand on Instagram – whether as influencers or to showcase their lives, businesses or interests.

However, many people – especially those just starting out with a business or presence on Instagram – may be wondering how they can go about increasing their visibility, both within the app and also on external channels like Google. Is there such a thing as SEO for Instagram?

Like a lot of social networks, Instagram isn’t designed to be completely indexable by search engines, because much of the content published to it is personal and not something that most users would want to be discoverable outside the app. So, for example, photos on Instagram won’t be displayed in Google search results.

Nevertheless, there are several things that people and businesses can do to boost the visibility of their Instagram presence – both within Instagram itself and on Google to attract more outside traffic to their carefully-crafted Instagram content. Here are some top tips for optimising your Instagram presence.

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